1. Do you offer free translations?

101translations’ translators are qualified professionals and because we need to pay them for the time and work taken in translating documents, we cannot offer free translation services.

If you simply need to simply translate basic text, there are free online tools that can be used such as Google Translate.

2. What benefits do you provide over free online translations?

Whilst free automatic translation tools can be useful for understanding the meaning of individual words or phrases, or getting a general idea about the content of a document, they are usually unable to produce a high quality, meaningful text that reads as well as the original.

Qualified translation professionals, such as those employed by 101translations, are able to provide a translation that reads perfectly and conveys the true meaning of the original document exactly, with the same tone and style used. In some circumstances, such as where a sworn translation is required, only a qualified professional is able to legally produce a valid copy of the document.

3. How can I be sure my documents/information will be kept private?

If you have sensitive documents that require translating, or are concerned about your privacy, both our translators and our company representatives will sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement to protect your privacy.

4. How can I apply to work for you?

If you are interested in working for 101 Translations, please complete the form on this page. We are always looking for talented individuals, particularly if you work in unusual combinations of languages, or have knowledge or expertise in specific fields.

5. What kinds of documents are you able to translate?

We are able to translate any type of documents and media, including text files in a wide range of formats, images, audio, video and multimedia. We can work with dynamic content exported from any kind of tool or software. Throughout our 13 years’ of history we have translated almost any format of content you can imagine. If you have any queries about the particular type of content you need translating, or if you want to discuss how well our process will fit in your content management flow,  just give us a call! We are used to talking to printing departments as much as to content developers.

6. What type of content do you translate?

In short, everything. Thanks to our vast database of translators we always have someone who understands your specific industry and content, and how to use the right terms in their language. From videogames to company annual reports; from adult websites to press releases about yachts; from statistical software manuals to marriage certificates.

7. What languages do you translate into?

We work with every language in the world. We have hundreds of translators and we can draw on tens of thousands of freelancers in our database, who cover minority languages or unusual combinations. Just ask, and our likely answer will be yes!

8. How do I send my documents to you?

Usually the quickest and easiest way to send documents or files to us for translation is via email. You can also send documents to us via post/courier or even by fax. For large documents we can use one of the common secure file sharing systems like Dropbox, Wetransfer or Hightail. To send us large documents, just use this simple interface.

9. How do you send translated documents back to me?

You tell us and we will do it. In most cases we can send your translated documents back to you via email as this provides the fastest turnaround time for your project. In some cases where a validated copy is required, such as when we have produced a sworn translation, we will send the original documents to you by post.

10. Can my documents be formatted for printing?

Yes, we offer multilingual DTP services and we can supply documents fully formatted and ready to print. Please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements for your documents.

11. How can I pay for your services?

We offer a range of payment methods for clients of 101translations that enable you to pay in a way that is most suitable for you. For smaller sums our clients often find it most convenient to pay using our secure online form which can be used with a credit/debit card or Paypal account.

We can also accept payment via bank transfer or cheque in any currencies, or for business clients who require an on-going service, we can arrange a suitable invoice/payment schedule.

12. When do I pay for my translated document?

New and private customers pay for their translation when placing their order. A link to our secure payment page will be included with our quote. This makes things simpler and safer for everyone.

The default conditions for corporate customers are 30 days after invoice.

For larger scale translation projects, we can agree a payment schedule.

13. What happens if I am unhappy with your service?

In the unlikely event that the work we produce does not meet your satisfaction, we will do it again, at no additional cost, until you are happy with the finished document. If the document still doesn’t meet your requirements, we will provide a 100% refund for the work.

14. Where can I find your terms and conditions of service?

You can find them here.