Sworn Translations

Asked for an official translation?

A sworn translation is the translation of a legal document done with a procedure that makes the translation accepted as a legal document.

A sworn translation is signed by an authorised translator and validated as an official translation to be used for legal and official purposes. This type of document is often required if an individual is seeking residency, wishing to purchase property or be involved in contractual business arrangements in a different country, for example.

Documents that may require a sworn translation to be used outside the country of origin include birth or death certificates, passports, academic qualifications, financial documents or contracts.

The requirements and process for producing sworn translations differ from country to country, with various regulations specific to certain countries. However there are two main types.

  • In countries following “common law” such as the UK, USA and Ireland, translators need to be able to demonstrate proficiency with a formal qualification.
  • In “civil law countries” the individual translator will usually need to be registered as a sworn translator, usually with the court in the relevant country, and/or be formally qualified (the qualifications required can differ from country to country). There are sometimes court or solicitor fees to add to the actual cost of the translation.

At 101 translations we can provide sworn translations in many languages, for use as valid official or legal documentation in most countries.

In most cases, it will not be necessary for our clients to provide original copies of the documents as a high quality scan or image will enable us to provide a valid sworn translation.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for a sworn translation in more detail!