Turnaround Times

At 101translations you can get it done faster!

Because we draw on a database of tens of thousands of translators, we can always find the professional that is best suited to your requirements and that can get it done for you right now.

Your project is too large or urgent for a single translator to handle? Our team coordinators can assemble a team on the fly to meet the most demanding deadlines. Don’t be afraid to ask!

If you need to plan your workflow and your budget, here are some hints to help you:

  • The optimum time frame in days for us to complete a translation can be expressed as (W / 1500) + 1, that is, one weekday for each 1,500 words, plus one.
  • We strive to accommodate the most stringent deadlines – however there are human limits to what we can achieve. And working in a rush increases the risk of errors and misunderstandings. Please spare us as much time as possible.
  • Even if the texts to translate won’t be available until the very last moment, planning ahead will enable us to perform better. Please give us a timeline for the availability of texts, including the amount of words, and keep us up to date on any last-minute changes.

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