Web/Software Localisation

Not just translations…

At 101translations, we understand the special requirements of software and web site localisation.


Our approach to software translation involves five steps:

  1. Contextualisation: Together with the customer, we understand what the software does, to whom it is directed, what are its major functions and the context in which it is used.
  2. Text preparation: On the basis of this knowledge, we associate the strings and text to translate with the appropriate contextual information for the translators.
  3. Translation: qualified specialised translators, who only work into their native language, prepare the translated text – being particularly careful about the placement of variables within the strings.
  4. Validation: Translations are reviewed by our Quality Assurance team to ensure that all the issues were understood and incorporated.
  5. Testing: together with the customer we see the new software at work and make the necessary corrections before the product is released.

We can translate text contained in any type of programming language. Because we base our approach on understanding and not on a particular software tool, we can handle any type of special project – as long as there are recognisable words!

With this method we have successfully localised software for:


Web translation is a mixture of both traditional translation and software localisation. On the one hand, the translated text must be compelling and marketing friendly; on the other hand, translators must be able to handle text that is dynamically built by the underlying software.

At 101translations we can handle static and dynamic web content based on straight HTML, XML, PHP, Java… almost anything!

What is more important, we base our ability on the actual knowledge of those programming languages, not just on some third-party WYSIWYG editor.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Web standards (we’ve been using the Internet since 1989!) we are able to provide translations into non-Western languages that are perfectly compatible with all browsers and all server systems.

We have localised web sites and multimedia content for: