Translation of WordPress sites

We’re hip with WordPress

WordPress sites are a breeze to translate thanks to 101translations’ partnership with the makers of WPML

We are very good at translating websites on all sorts of servers, back-end systems and CMSs (after all, our management team has been using the Internet since 1989) but we’re especially good with websites created in WordPress. This free open source CMS has been around for 15 years – almost as long as we have – and powers over 50% of all websites, including 30% of the top million sites. This makes knowing how to work with WordPress and create optimum results one of our top priorities.

However, while creating your website in your first language may be relatively straightforward, localising it into multiple languages can be complex without the right sort of technical support and expertise.

WordPress has a plethora of available plug-ins and one of the most useful of these is WPML. WPML makes it very easy to create multilingual websites – in fact, we use it on this very site – and to reach out to customers and potential customers all over the world.

Of all the businesses offering comparative services, we have consistently found WPML to offer the most reliable, effective solutions, with in-house professionals to walk you through each step of the way. It’s the perfect marriage between technology and the human touch. Your translations are carried out by dedicated professionals, who use custom-built technology to make the process of integrating new languages onto your WordPress site as streamlined and efficient as it can possibly be. What is more, none of this is expensive: WPML requires a modest one-time fee to purchase a perpetual licence.

Thanks to WPML, once you have agreed to work with a translation services provider to translate your WordPress site, all you have to do is send pages for translation via the plug in, and your translation services provider will do all the work, after which the translations will magically appear in your site with no integration needed!

WPML can manage content from a variety of WordPress plugins and the WPML team is always ready to help with any technical aspects that you might need support with.

Get in touch if you would like to talk about making your WordPress site available in more languages!